Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Welcome to Poncho’s World, and I live in it. There is room for everyone on Poncho’s World, as long as you come correct, and keep it positive. For the past couple of years many of my friends have been asking me to start a BLOG, but I didn't want to create a BLOG for vain reasons. I said if I did decide to do a BLOG; it would have to have a real purpose. So I waited until I had something to say. Finally I think I have something to say. I want to share some of my experiences in the business with people out there who either want to become actors, or desire to work in the film industry in some other capacity. So with those thoughts, Poncho’s World was created. Anyone who chooses to visit my world will share in my journey to become the best person and actor that I can be. Hopefully you will understand that becoming the best at anything is not as easy and most of us expect.